For The Health Conscious Folks


One of the biggest reasons I decided to start my own restaurant/catering company was because of my grandparents.  They didn’t lead a very healthy life and through that, established in me a fear that I would get sick or get a disease if I didn’t stay pure and healthy.  It wasn’t until their health started deteriorating in their 70s that I had to truly worry about them.  However first, to start my company, I had to find agencies for home care assistance because I didn’t have time to take care of them anymore.  They were a huge influence in me quitting my job and starting this business.

I realized quickly that every time my grandparents and I wanted to order food or when we went to any event, that there weren’t any healthy options.  Obviously eating out is never going to be as healthy as cooking your own meals, but I truly wanted to change that.  So, I started a company striving for exactly that purpose – to make meals that are healthier than cooking at home.  It hasn’t been easy, especially with my grandparents’ health slowly getting worse and worse.  I’m so lucky that I found a company who could help seniors who need home care requirements because otherwise, I wouldn’t have any time to run my company.

I’ve learned a lot from them.  They’ve taught me at a young age that health is the most important thing and to always eat right and stay active.  I want to influence the younger generation that eating unhealthy isn’t cool, but being health conscious and understanding that what you put in your body matters are actions to get behind.  I hope that one day when people eat my meals and catered food that they will think “wow this food taste delicious and is healthy.”  I want people to trust in my food and the freshness of everything so much that, instead of deciding to make their own meals, they come to me instead.

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